Song of the Texas Rangers

Sung to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas"


The morning star is paling; the camp fires flicker low;

Our steeds are madly neighing; for the bugle bids us go:

So put the foot in stirrup and shake the bridle free,

For today the Texas Rangers must cross Tennessee.

With Wharton four our leader, we’ll chase the dastard foe,

Till our horses bathe their fetlocks in the deep, blus Ohio.


‘Tis joy to be a Ranger! To fight for dear Southland!

‘Tis joy follow Wharton, with his gallant, trusty band,

intothe thickest of the fray, and deal his deadly might.

O! Who’d not be a Ranger and follow Wharton’s cry!

And battle for his country, and, if needs be, die.



The Texas Ranger War Song

Sung to the tune of " Bonnie Blue Flag "


Weare a band of brothers from home and kindred fair,

The glory of old Texas in Southern border war,

For like a fiery billow we dash upon the foe,

And well the music of our carbines the Yankee troopers know.


Trough the blinding smoke of battle, like a red hot glare of flame,

Our star-crossed banner flashes bearing Terry’s name,

Leading us to our first battle, at Woodsonville he fell,

But since on many a field we have avenged him well.


The banner is our glory, ‘tis sacred in our eyes,

And we guard it like an Amulet on every field it flies,

Like a light from home ‘twas sent us by our noble Texas girls,

And we seem to feel their eyes upon us when Count its stars unfurls.


All Mississippi’s borders are teeming with our fame,

On the hills of Alabama they love the Rangers’ name,

In fettered land of Boone we unlinked the Despot’s Chain,

And roused to life and energy her chivalry again .


But the State, boy of all others, this side of home we know

Where they give us hearty welcome and cheer us when we go,

With her spirited fair daughters, is proud old Tennessee,

And while a Yankee pollutes her soil, her Champions w shall be.


Then let us throw our kisses to the girls who hold us dear

With their fairy hands they beckon us in glory’s dear career

True to our Southern honor- the Texian hearts we bear

We’ll brighten still the star of our hopes-the proud old "Texas Star".


Away! Away! To the battle front away,

Away! To the Enemy’s lines,

We lead the fight to day.